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Residential and Commercial Oil Delivery in Fairbanks, AK

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We specialize in commercial and residential oil delivery. We can deliver directly to you throughout Fairbanks, AK and surrounding areas for both small and large orders. We can provide auto-fill and call-in fueling options, tailoring our oil deliveries to your specific budget and requirements.

To find out more about our residential and commercial oil delivery in Fairbanks, contact us today.
Many of our customers prefer to monitor their own fuel usage. This provides them the flexibility to choose the size of the delivery that fits their specific needs. We are available in-office or via phone Monday through Friday from 8-5, so you can put in an order at your convenience. When you need fuel, just give us a call at (907) 374-9992 to be put on our next commercial or residential oil delivery schedule.
Owned and operated in Fairbanks, Alaska Fuel Services is your solution for residential and commercial oil deliveries. Let us handle the responsibility of keeping your tank full so you don't have to -- it's what we do best.

We will calculate your fuel usage and requirements with our computerized degree day system, which means we can help you keep track of the fuel consumption at your home or building based on outdoor temperatures. In short, you never have to worry about running out! On the Auto-Fill Program, we can make smaller deliveries regularly to keep costs down to a minimum for our customers. There is no additional charge for this service and it is our most cost-effective program to fit your needs. 
Budget Plan
Our auto-fill customers can enjoy the convenience of automatic delivery and choose to participate in our Budget Plan. Instead of having unexpected large fuel bills when deliveries are made, you can have a predictable monthly fuel payment to help manage your household budget.

Payments are based on the prior year's usage or square footage of the property. We multiply by the estimated fuel rate, and divide the total cost into the designated number of monthly payments. Payments will be due each month. When you receive a delivery, you pay your set budget amount rather than the full invoice cost.
Emergency Service
If you have a fuel emergency please give us a call and allow us to help you.
Hours of operation
Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm.
Interested in our Auto-Fill or Budget Plan?
Please download and print our online application, then mail, email, or fax it to us. You can even stop by our office and deliver it personally Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. We must have a signed application for these programs.
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